How does it work?

1. Download “Zoom”

It’s the software we use to make the connection between us, click here to download it. (For computers : “Zoom Client for Meetings” and for mobile : “Zoom Mobile Apps”).

2. Set up “Zoom”

We recommend you to set up the the software work on your device before starting. Click here for more indications.

3. Log in to the virtual dojo

When it’s time, get connected to the dojo 10 minutes beforehand. Click on “join meeting” and enter the number of the virtual dojo’s room which is : 9070503010 ; the password to enter is : kosen . Cut off your microphone, use the mode “gallery” to get the feeling of the whole dojo.

4. Adjust your device’s position

Make sure that your posture is clearly visible on the screen, it is important for both parties, including during kin-hin. This implies a good light and a good framing. Put your computer on the side so that we may see your profile.


New schedule Wednesday night 7:30 pm (Barcelona Dojo)

Online Zazen resumed for the northern hemisphere. Come and break through the screen with your posture!

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