Événement spécial : 24 heures de Zazen autour du monde (les 23 et 24 septembre).

Gothenburg Zen Dojo

Gothenburg Zen Dojo is very active when it comes to zazen on Zoom. The practice began here in 2016. This dojo offers a mixed face-to-face and remote practice: zazens are broadcast on Zoom systematically: Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am, and Sundays at 10am. The 6 a.m. time is rather early, but it’s well suited to people who have children to look after. We translate the kusen from Swedish into English, Spanish or French, depending on who’s present.

During July and August, the online dojo of the kosen sangha, northern hemisphere, will remain open only for zazoom on Thursday at 07:00, Saturday at 11:00 and for kesa sewing on Friday at 14:00. It will reopen on Sunday 1 September.
We hope to see you at the summer camp at Yujo Nyusanji temple. The direct contact with the sangha is particularly important for you who practise online.

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