Special event: 24 hours of Zazen around the world (September 23rd and 24th).

Zazen online with the Kosen

sangha: it’s easy and it’s free!


For people who do not have the possibility to go to a Zen dojo, come and practice Zazen in the online dojo of the Kosen sangha directly from your home, via Zoom. This software is totally free. It allows you to connect with a good quality of image and sound. Zazen is led by an experienced Zen nun or monk. Your posture will be supervised, a stimulation which will allow you to straighten up well. Making the effort to establish your posture in the online dojo helps to create a strong atmosphere, updates the dimension of zazen beyond the individual and establishes regularity in the practice of Zen.

New to the practice of Zazen?
It is difficult to present the right posture in videoconferencing, so we have stopped doing online initiations. We recommend these videos that present the posture

Zen and Zazen

Zazen is the secret of Zen. This meditation, sitting in the traditional lotus posture, has been practiced by human beings since prehistoric times. Zazen is neither a theory, nor an idea, nor a knowledge to be grasped by the brain. It is only a practice that radically changes our own mind. One merges then with the whole universe.

About us

Zazoom is led by Zen nuns and monks of the Kosen sangha (the community of Zen practitioners who follows the Zen master Kosen). To learn more about the Kosen sangha, go to zen-deshimaru.com. Zazoom is open to practitioners of all sanghas and to persons practicing by themselves.

It is advisable to practice Zazen in a dojo if it’s possible for you, in order to avoid bad postures. You may go too, to a sesshin (intensive practice session). 

Participation is free. If you are affiliated with a dojo and use Zazoom during a period of confinement, keep contributing to your dojo. You may also make a donation to the Kosen sangha.

During July and August, the online dojo of the kosen sangha, northern hemisphere, will remain open only for zazoom on Thursday at 07:00, Saturday at 11:00 and for kesa sewing on Friday at 14:00. It will reopen on Sunday 1 September.
We hope to see you at the summer camp at Yujo Nyusanji temple. The direct contact with the sangha is particularly important for you who practise online.

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